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The DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser (DSP-100)






The DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser
The DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser is a great gadget that helps dispense the DSP Magic Coin Towels easily. The Dispenser is an innovative unit that quickly lets you dispense moist towels by twisting the dial to drop a coin towel into the dispensing area, then with a few pumps, the water is automatically poured on-top of the coin towel, and in seconds you have a moist fresh towel!
How to Use
Follow the steps below:
         Step 1                     Step 2                         Step 3                           Step 4                            
        Twist dial             Coin Towel               Pump water         Wait for coin towel           
                                 dispenses                   twice               to absorb water                  
          Step 5                        Step 6                         Step 7
     Pick up Coin              Unroll Coin              Coin Towel
         Towel                    Towel                ready to use!
Ideal Uses
The DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser can be used anytime anywhere. They are ideal for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, beauty salons, offices, gyms, dentists, hospitals, schools, nurseries, home use and more.
Cost Saving

Because you only need to add water to the dispenser, and add the low cost Magic Coin Towels, this makes the DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser a great low cost option to give your customers that luxury touch!


No towel trays needed, no microwaves to warm up the towels, all you need is to place the Magic Coin Towel Dispenser onto the table, and have the fun of dispensing a DSP Magic Coin Towel!

Compact and Innovative Design

The DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser is compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed for ease of use. The DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser is a smart modern design that would compliment any surrounding, whether it be at a restaurant on a table, in the car, at an office, outside for picnics, or in a healthcare establishment.

Add that Freshness
Why not add some fragrance to the water bottle inside DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser, to add that extra luxury touch to your towels. A good selection of fragrances, are available on our website, click here.
Further Information and Sales
For further information and to purchase the DSP Magic Coin Towel Dispenser click here, contact us:


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o   Email: or click here

o   Or click here to purchase now on-line (only £14.99 each)
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