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DSP Wholesalers
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Q. I would like further information and a demonstration of the BENS machine?
Contact us today, and we will be happy to talk to you, and demonstrate BENS machine.
    Alternatively we can arrange an appointment for you to come and meet us in our offices located
    Hayes, Middlesex which is in Greater London.

Q. What type of warranty do you get with the BENS machine?
A. We provide a 1 year warranty for the BENS machine. Customers must keep proof of purchase 
    e.g. invoice, when contacting DSP Wholesalers Ltd regarding their warranty.

Q. My machine is out of Warranty, how do I get my BENS machine fixed?
Contact us for via phone  on +44(0)20 8573 5800 or email on and
    we will explain our time and materials charges to fix your BENS machine.

Q. I want to buy the BENS machine plus, some accessories, but what are the delivery
A. For delivery cost information please
click here to see our Delivery Prices. Please note the
    delivery costs shown are for UK only.

Q. I want to buy the BENS machine and its accessories, but live outside the UK?
A. We allow custmers to purchase our products ouside the UK, for international delivery. Please
    contact our sales team for delivery costs. All goods will be sent via Air Freight Service. Goods
    for disptach outside UK cannot be made on-line.

Q. I have lost my username and password?
A. Email us from your email account you registered with, and we will reset your password. Email to, or fill in the form on the contact us page.

Q. How secure is your payment system on-line?
 A. We use Barlcaycard payment system which is very secure. Our payment system uses 128 SSL
     encryption. All our transcations are kept on a secure server, and kept in an encyrpted format, so
     they cannot be tampered with. If you prefer to pay by fax or phone please contact us for further

Q. Which Credit/Debit cards do you accept for payment?

A. We accept all major credits such as Visa and Mastercard. We also accept debit cards such as
    Switch/Maestro and Delta.

Q. Can I pay by credit/debit card via Phone or Fax?
A. Yes, if you prefer to pay by phone or fax please
contact us for further information.

Q. Can I pay by Cheque?
A. Yes. we take cheque payments, but we only dispatch goods once the cheque has cleared,
    therefore your order will be delayed. Contact our sales team to know how to pay by cheque.

Q. How long will it take for my goods to be dispatched once I have placed an order?
A. We use
Parcel Force to deliver goods. We aim to disptach goods within 24 hours of orders being
    placed  on-line. This only applies to orders placed Monday to Friday. Orders placed over the
    weekend and on public holidays will be disptached next working day, by our dispatch team.

Q. Can I buy goods and pick them up from your distribution centre, and save on delivery
A. Yes, we allow customers to pick-up goods from our distribution centre in Hayes, Middlesex.
    Please contact us to arrange a pick-up time.

Q.  I have placed my order, but how will I know my order had been dispatched?
A.  We will email you a
Parcel Force tracking number, and you will be able to track your shipment.
     click here for further info on how to track your order.

Q. I have a BENS machine, and no longer want it, and want to return my BENS machine?
A. DSP Wholesalers Ltd has a no returns/no refund policy on all goods sold on its website, unless 
    goods are faulty, where DSP Wholesalers Ltd will then repair or swap faulty goods, where
    possible if under the 1 year warranty.
Q. I am interested in buying the DSP Magic towel tablets, but would like some samples  
    before placing an order?
A. Please email or call us and we will arrange some samples to be sent to you. Samples sent at 
    DSP Wholesalers Ltd discretion.
Q. I have paid for an order on-line but I am not sure if my payment was accepted?
A. Please email or call us and we will check your order status for you.
Q. I have placed an order on-line, but would now like to cancel it, what should I do?
A. DSP Wholesalers Ltd, has a strict no refund policy once goods have been ordered on-line, by 
    phone, fax or e-mail.
Q. I have some DSP Magic Coin Towels, and no longer want them, and want to return  
A. DSP Wholesalers Ltd has a no returns/no refund policy on all on all goods sold on its website, by
    phone, fax or email.
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